Monterey, California Beach Wedding

Aug 14, 2014

A&J-503Ananda and John had a quickly planned wedding on the beach of Carmel River State Beach.  They met last year at Burning Man and knew that they wanted to be together forever.  I loved their simple, elegant style and color choices.  Their first look in their Monterey hotel room is one of my most favorites I’ve had the pleasure of photographing.  I feel like it’s right out of a movie.  They had a fantastic team help with their wedding from Laughin’ Gal Floral to Brenna Henderson on makeup/hair to myself on photography.  The extremely photogenic Carmel scenery wasn’t too shabby either.A&J-5 A&J-1Me-1-22A&J-7 Me-1-254 A&J-4 A&J-8 A&J-9 A&J-10 A&J-11A&J-329 A&J-332A&J-500 A&J-501 A&J-331 A&J-333Me-1-781A&J-600 A&J-335A&J-602Me-1-1133web2 Me-1-1110 A&J-505 A&J-506 A&J-508 A&J-507