Laurie & Deejay’s Engagement

Aug 29, 2013

L-&-D-Fav-4webI was enamored with this couple and this engagement shoot that I decided to post the process.  These photos were taken at Wilder Ranch in Santa Cruz, California.  Thank you Laurie & Deejay and thank you guest horse model. L-&-D-Fav-3webL-&-D-Fav-1web L-&-D-Fav-5web L-&-D-Fav-10.2web L-&-D-Fav-22web2L-&-D-Fav-38web L-&-D-Fav-14web L-&-D-Fav-13web L-&-D-Fav-17web L-&-D-Fav-19web L-&-D-Fav-26web L-&-D-Fav-29webL-&-D-Fav-36web L-&-D-Fav-32web