In the Flower Garden

Nov 13, 2014

Anna-25This photoshoot is the collaboration of florist Alison Edwards (, gluten-free dessert maker/artist Michelle Stitz (, makeup artist Madison MacDowell (, model/doula Anna Hinde, wedding stationary artist Paper Suite (, William Clayton Greene jewelers ( and yours truly on the photography.  All of the floral bouquets, table arrangements and floral crowns were grown in Alison’s beautiful garden.  We also photographed Michelle’s deliciously charming desserts and table arrangement here.  I’m so thankful to these talented artists.Anna-1 Anna-3 Anna-6 Anna-24Anna-5 Anna-10 Anna-9 Anna-18 Anna-19 Anna-11 Anna-22Anna-12-2Anna-44 Anna-8Anna-14-2 Anna-17 Anna-4 Anna-13Anna-20.1Anna-49 Anna-15 Anna-16Anna-26-2Anna-39 Anna-21 Anna-23Anna-42Anna-46-2 Anna-7Anna-51 Anna-68Anna-58Anna-37-2