Chalone Vineyards Wedding

May 21, 2014

A&M-web-59These two are a couple of sweeties!  I loved photographing their beautiful Chalone Vinyards wedding. This couple and all of their family and friends were kind, supportive people.  They gave me complete creative license and let me know that they trusted my eye.  It was a magical day!A&M-web-7 A&M-web-3A&M-web-4.5 A&M-web-5 A&M-web-17A&M-web-10.5 A&M-web-8 A&M-web-9 A&M-web-13 A&M-web-11 A&M-web-12 A&M-web-14 A&M-web-20 A&M-web-1 A&M-web-21 A&M-web-22 A&M-web-23 A&M-web-24 A&M-406 A&M-web-26 A&M-web-35 A&M-web-28A&M-web-67 A&M-web-44 A&M-web-29 A&M-web-31 A&M-web-33 A&M-web-36A&M-web-46 A&M-web-39 A&M-web-38 A&M-web-43 A&M-web-42 A&M-web-48 A&M-web-45A&M-web-37 A&M-web-47 A&M-web-51 A&M-web-54A&M-web-52 A&M-web-55 A&M-web-53 A&M-web-56 A&M-web-57 A&M-web-66 A&M-web-60 A&M-web-62 A&M-web-65A&M-web-63 A&M-web-68A&M-web-61