Oct 7, 2013

S&D-20S&D-56The day started out with some drizzle but it cleared just in time for the ceremony.  Neither Stephanie nor Danny seemed one bit worried about the rain.  The colorful wedding accents seemed all the more brilliant juxtaposed against the grey sky!  Stephanie wore a beautiful beaded dress and Danny wore a white suit to match.  The banda played into the night for a their wedding and a forest of trees.S&D-8 S&D-16S&D-102 S&D-9 S&D-5S&D-101 S&D-22 S&D-24 S&D-27 S&D-26 S&D-29S&D-103S&D-6 S&D-2.1-7inS&D-100 S&D-39S&D-52 S&D-3.17inweb S&D-45 S&D-46 S&D-48S&D-1.1-7inweb S&D-53 S&D-51S&D-33 S&D-55 S&D-31S&D-49.1 S&D-61 S&D-71 S&D-67 S&D-54 S&D-66